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Delivery menu

I Breakfast dishes:
1. Scrambled eggs (2 eggs), Swedish platter (cold meats, cheese), bread, butter 12zł.
2. Boiled sausage, Swedish platter (cold meats, cheese), bread, butter 12zł.
3. Traditional Polish „Bigos”, boiled sausage, bread, mustard 13zł
4. Croquette, bread. ketchup 7zł.
5. Omelette 6zł.

II. Dinner dishes:
1. Hungarian ( spicy soup with vegetables and meat) 350g. 7zł
2. Chtterlings 350g. 7zł
3. Chicken broth with noodles 300g. 7zł
4. Traditional Polish sour soup “żurek” with bacon, sausage and egg  350 g. 7zł
5. Pea soup with bacon and sausage 350g. 7zł
6. Duck blond soup with noodles 350g. 7zł
7. Beetroot soup with croquette  300g. 6zł
1. De volaille chicken cutlet 100 g 11zł
2. Gipsy-style chicken cutlet 120 g 11zł
3. „Gyros” chicken 110 g 11zł
4. Traditional pork cutlet 100 g. 11zł
5. Pork liver with onion 100 g. 11zł
6. Beef collop 100 g. 12zł
7. Fish fillet (cod, blue grenadier, panga) 100 g. 10zł
Side dishes
1. Boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, fried potatoes 4zł
2. Chips, potato slices, potato balls 5zł
3. Salads (white cabbage salad, Chinese cabbage salad, sweet and sour cucumber salad) 4zł
4. Set of salads, cooked vegetables 6zl
5. Sauces: gravy, garlic, ketchup, mayonaisse 2zł
6. Bread 1,5zł
7. Drinks 0,25l. : Juices Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, water 3zł

III. Desserts:
1. Banana paradise (vanilla ice-cream with banana, whipped cream and toffee sauce) 11zł
2. Raspberry delight (hot raspberries with vanilla ice-cream covered with chocolate sauce) 11zł
3. Mist (whipped cream with a large portion of fruit sprinkled with chocolate sauce ) 11zł
4.  Ice-cream with whipped cream, sprinkled with raisins and chocolate flakes 11zł

IV. Drinks 0.25l:
1. Juices, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Water 3 zł